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PyTeal is a python library for generating TEAL programs that provides a convenient and familiar syntax.

Why Choose PyTeal?

  1. AVM runs on every node in the Algorand blockchain and contains a stack engine that executes smart contracts and smart signatures, enabling developers to easily take advantage of powerful functionality by writing smart contracts in either Python or Reach, a simple javascript-like language.
  2. Smart Contracts contain logic that once deployed can be remotely called from any node on the Algorand blockchain. The contracts are called by issuing an “application call” transaction. The AVM evaluates the contract as part of resolving this transaction.
  3. Smart Signatures contain logic that is used to sign transactions, primarily for signature delegation. The logic of the smart signature is submitted with the transaction.
  4. Scalable, Fast & Secure execution that is not currently possible on legacy platforms. ASC1s operate at over 1,000TPS and are final in under 5 seconds on a platform to blockchain
  5. Reduced risk with instant settlement through trustless execution
  6. Low cost to execute with transactions that have the same fee as any other transaction on the Algorand blockchain at .001 Algos
  7. Increased speed to market with comprehensive development resources and examples of different complex custom dApp for Smart Contracts – dApp to dApps (i.e. dApps for Voting, Stablecoins, Auctions, Crowdfunding)

Our Service:

  1. Digital Identity: Provides individual identity in digital assets, removes counterfeits and makes KYC frictionless
  2. Trade Finance: User for cross border payments, international trade
  3. Financial data recording: Improves data recording, accuracy, saves reporting and auditing costs
  4. Supply chain management: Automates supply chain with visibility and transparency, leads to fewer frauds
  5. Clinical trial: Offers cross-institutional visibility, automate data share and improves privacy
  6. Trading Activity: Trade can be automated with the need for intermediaries
  7. Financial Security: Liability management, automatic payments, stock splits, dividends
  8. Financial services: Error-free services, automating many aspects 
  9. Government: Automate operations, improves transparency and efficiency
  10. Insurance: Automate claims and resolves disputes with proof
  11. Escrow: Automates escrow amount, authenticates and improves trust
  12. Mortgage System: Automate mortgage and fasten the process

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February 9, 2022

Green Blockchain initiatives

The Forbes article says, noting that carbon offsetting could be a major trend. “For this very good reason, during 2022,we