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Rust is the preferred programming language for writing smart contracts on NEAR. Rust offers many features like memory safety, small runtime, etc. This allows us to write a smart contract that doesn’t have memory bugs and consumes less storage on the blockchain.

Why Choose Rust?

  1. Dynamically-typed languages
  2. Garbage-collected languages
  3. Coming from other systems programming languages
  4. Robust Rust ecosystem

Our Service:

  1. Digital Identity: Provides individual identity in digital assets, removes counterfeits and makes KYC frictionless
  2. Trade Finance: User for cross border payments, international trade
  3. Financial data recording: Improves data recording, accuracy, saves reporting and auditing costs
  4. Supply chain management: Automates supply chain with visibility and transparency, leads to fewer frauds
  5. clinical trial: Offers cross-institutional visibility, automate data share and improves privacy
  6. Trading Activity: Trade can be automated with the need for intermediaries
  7. Financial Security: Liability management, automatic payments, stock splits, dividends
  8. Financial services: Error-free services, automating many aspects 
  9. Government: Automate operations, improves transparency and efficiency
  10. Insurance: Automate claims and resolves disputes with proof
  11. Escrow: Automates escrow amount, authenticates and improves trust
  12. Mortgage System: Automate mortgage and fasten the process

Other Services

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February 9, 2022

Green Blockchain initiatives

The Forbes article says, noting that carbon offsetting could be a major trend. “For this very good reason, during 2022,we